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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 31, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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that is low. that's "special report" tonight. i'm jim angle. happy new year and good night from washington. >> and welcome to this special year-end edition of "hannity." it will be a big year of politics to the race for the republican nomination. it's been a very busy year. i will be joined by frank luntz, pollster and offer of the book, "when?" and we will be looking back. we have a special focus group of american voters. frank, appreciate it. >> sean: good to see you all. maybe before we do one thing -- let's identify everybody because this is important. this is a wide spectrum of voters with different points of
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view. how many are republican? okay. how many are democrats? how many voted for barack obama? how many voted for john mccain? a little more for mccain. here's the question i want to start. i think 2011 will be remembered as the year that america did not recover. how many of you know people that have either a., lost their job, are struggling or they have lost their home, in a tough spot. how many? >> now, the question is: who do you hold responsible for ha? >> obama, mainly. >> why? >> he's want shown the leadership we need. the over regulation has been oppressive and we don't have any new jobs being created. >> who do you feel is responsible? >> i blame all of washington. the president is the captain of the team. but if the president and congress can't get their act together to pass legislation, how can the country move forward. >> is washington broken?
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>> absolutely. >> yes or no? >> yes! >> regardless, you all think it's broken. who broke it? >> well, there is enough blame to go around. but the president needs to knock heads and get these folks talking to one another and stop the gridlock. he has the power of the presidency. >> he has power? >> absolutely. he can't be a stranger to congress. he has to get the folks in a room and not let them leave t. can't be a show. it has to be the real thing. >> go ahead? >> bush spent a lot. obama spent more than anyone that thought was possible. we can't sustain it. >> do you blame both parties? >> yes! yes, you have. to the government's too big. >> sean: let me make a point n. july 3, 2008, when barack obama was running, he actually accused president bush of being unpatriotic because at that point, in bush's presidency, 8 years in, he had accumulated $4 trillion in debt. president obama made that mark in 2 1/2 years.
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fiever said anything like that, chinever would about a president, would that be a double standard? >> of course! obama can spend $4 trillion and the media's not holding him to it. it is not fair to me. i'm 21 years old. i don't know if i will have social security. i probably won't because of the size of the government-- frank's going to have yours. >> i ain't going to make it that far. >> sean: is this your first vote? >> i voted in 2008. >> >> sean: who did you vote for? >> john mccain. >> you glad about that? >> yeah. >> who are you going to vote for? >> newt gingrich. that's who i will am pulling for. >> i want someone to defend barack obama, in the back? >> i'm disappointed in some of the things that barack obama has done. i hold the american people. what i mean is this, we shouldn't have career politicians. if people aren't doing their jobs, we should replace them. people shouldn't be in congress 30, 40 years, multiple terms. we need to flush washington.
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if you want washington to be different, send and elect new people. >> it do you agree with that? >> sean: i would argue as a conservative that barack obama was successful. he got his budgets passed for the first two years of his presidency. he had a democratic house and senate. got the budget passed, got the stimulus passed. promised it would work. he got the health care bill passed, even though they had to change the rules and they got it done. he got everything passed. now he blames atm machines, kiosks. he says the american people are lazy and soft i. i think that was taken out of context. he was saying that we as a nation need to double down on education and new technology and really move ourselves forward as we have always done as americans. i think he is saying in general, we aren't moving in the right direction. >> sean: i don't think -- but i don't think that's what he said. he got his bills passed.
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>> i don't think that's what he meant? he blames bush and the economy. i think this president, visaid it before, i would like to see him, like what you said earlier, i would like to see him put his pants on, man up, sit on the table and bring these guys together and get the job done. stop playing golf. >> you voted for him, correct? but you are not necessarily voting for him for re-election. >> correct. >> what's holding you back? >> here's one of the things i want to touch on, when the gentleman in the back said, i agree with. one thing i want to bring to sean or your attention, i don't care who the president of the united states is is when we say, it is president didn't get me a job. half of the people who come through my office can't string a sentence together. so whether the president recommended them to me or he didn't recommend them to me, they didn't get a job. >> sean: what business are you in? >> payroll. >> you nodded yes? >> i'm a freelancer and a personal organizer. so i hustle for jobs, every
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single day. you know? barack obama's not going to help me, george w. bush is not going to help me. it's going to be me. but i want more jobs created. but have you to hustle them and take your own personal responsibility. >> go ahead. >> talking about who is responsible for the partisanship. you know, in obama's first day in office, what did he say to them? i won, saying it's my way or the highway. how can you bring people together when you start with that premise. >> i think the game of politics is more important hab the work of the people. >> what caused that to happen? >> gridlock. between the administration and congress. no one's willing to negotiate. you know, there were the days with kennedy and tip o'neill, they went into a room and worked it out between themselves. that is gone. it's now me, me, me, versus the people. >> i want to say, i agree completely. it's about respect for each other. there is no respect for individuals. people are really for themselves. they don't care anymore.
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you are right about kennedy. kennedy worked. he worked both aisles. you know what? that's what's missing. what's missing is integrity. >> to wrap this up, i have been doing this for you for almost four years. this year's been the toughest year ever, trying to get them to stop when we get to commercial break and getting them to listen. they are more angry and frustrated and less willing to exchange ideas than ever. >> we have had big battles in the focus groups. i don't know you -- what's that? you know, you reminded me of something as you were speaking. there was a great president. my parents had a picture on their nightstand of john kennedy. ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. we are in a point of "what's in it for me?" from the political side and the people. >> it is! everyone wanted the mcmansions. everybody wanted their pockets lined. nobody one was willing to do the
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work. >> sean: i have to do the work of taking a break. we have a lot more ground to cover. chaos in the middle-east as citizens rose up against long-time dictators. but first, the nation was stunned by the tragic shooting in tucson, arizona. >> a senseless shooting took the lives of six innocent americans and wounded 14 others, including arizona congresswoman, gabrielle giffords. at the moment, giffords is fighting for her life. >> right after we went to visit, a few minutes after we left her room and some of her colleagues from congress were in the room, gabby opened her eyes for the first time. [cheers and applause] gabby opened her eyes for the first time. >> sean: tonight, the spotlight was on the house and among the 269 members who voted in support of the measure was none other than arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who made a surprise return to the floor.
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>> sean: welcome to this edition of "hannity," where frank luntz is here with a special focus group of voters t. took 10 days before anthony weiner came clean. but clean, he came. >> to be clear, the picture was of me and i sent it. i am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife and our
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family... and my constituents, my friends, supporters and staff. i haven't told the truth... and i have done things i deply regret. i brought pain to people i care about the most and the people who believed in me... and for that, i am deeply sorry. >> frank: let me ask you a very simple question: is weiner the exception or do you find that congress is filled with people who whether through financial or personal behavior really shouldn't be there? is he the exception? or is congress filled with them? >> filled with them. >> frank: congress has a 9% job approval rating. muammar al-qaddafi had a 50% approval rating and that's among people who killed him.
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what's wrong with congress? >> you want new people in. we discussed how we needed to cleanse and think get new people in there. but we try to do that with the tea party and john boehner in charge. but it seems no matter who comes in, at this point, no one's getting the job done because everybody's pandering to their base. >> frank: what's wrong with congress? >> it's all about me. that's what the congressmen are into. they are not look out for us. >> we have had a problem since 2000 to 2002 and the economy's going downhill. but now it's a massive grab in congress. everybody's now deciding to split and grab what they can before they are thrown out or the next election. >> frank: i have a theory eye am going to go to you next. i have a theory that the republicans are in trouble, that the anti-incumbept move will impact them and even the people who voted republican may vote them out-- can i add one layer to this? how many of you would be surprised fitold you that
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insider trading laws, which would apply to everyone here in this room, dont apply to congress? and that many people go to congress, public serve abts and they get insider information and they get to be part of ipos. that's all true. >> the reason why, you know, a point we made earlier, talking about today we have 401(k) versus pension plans. our futures are basically cast with the -- you know, with the stock market. you know, they're profiting from inside information wreaks from top to bottom. >> sean: go ahead? >> they are beholden to big-money donors and they are trying to make a name for themselves, so when they get out, they have a big job lined up. they are promising benefits in the future that they cannot pay, just to get re-elected. >> it is not just that. i think a big part of the problem is that re-election becomes way more important than
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finding solutions to anything. even if we get a whole new group in, they will become the people concerned about their re-election. >> sean: term limits? >> oh, yeah. >> i think they say anything to get elected. >> sean: how do you change it? >> it's a quandary. have you to find people with integrity. it is tough to find. >> sean: go ahead? >> i often joke to my family and said, you know, i think i am going to run for congress and we don't have to worry about health care. i can find the best stocks. you know? we will be set for life. >> sean: are you a conservative? >> i'm a conservative. >> sean: i will vote for you. it's not funny, though. i mean, i didn't know that until peter schweitser was on our show. he discover that the insider trading laws did not apply to congress. and that all of these congressmen and -women would go into congress and they didn't have assets and they all leave millionaires. >> they don't care about us.
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they don't care about the country. they care about themselves. they care about what they can get. >> sean: steve? >> that's what is important to them. we don't matter, except for peter king. >> sean: that's my congressman, too. >> frank: i think it costs a lot of money to run for office. you don't get normal, average people. you get millionaire, people with money who can spend it. when they get there, they are not one of them. one of us. they either never had a real job-- like obomb -- obama. >> a lot of people were elected in 2010 that were not professional politicians, they were small business owners. shouldn't they changed the system in se way? >> i don't think so. when you run for office, politics is a blood sport. they tear apart your family life and good people are not inclined to run. >> sean: can i follow-up -- how many believe the allegations
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against herman cain? how many think there is a chance he might have been smeared? >> frank: how many of you at one point would have voted for herman cain for president? >> sean: you saw that early if a focus group that he was rising. you saw gingrich's rise because of focus groups and people like yourself, telling the truth. yes, ma'am, in the back. >> but wasn't the scandal that says turned me off. i loved his 9-9-9 plan, but that's all he had. he had no depth. i can buy that if you are not a career politician, you can surround yourself with the right people, but with a team like mark block and his inability to react to the allegations appropriately, doesn't give me any confidence that he can -- >> right of return. and the answer on libya certainly hurt him as well.
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thank you for telling me, frank. >> sean: coming up more, with the frank luntz focus group. but first, we look back at the devastating moments from japan, a massive earthquake and tsunami >> tragedy and devastation in japan, after day broke. the nation was able to begin assessing the damage caused by a monster 8.9 offshore earthquake, one of the biggest ever to hit the country. >> this is a potentially catastrophic disaster. the images of destruction and flooding coming out of japan are simply heartbreaking. we currently have an aircraft carrier in japan and another is on its way. today's events remind us of just how fragile life can be. our hearts go out to our friends in japan and across the region. we will stand with them as they recover and rebuild from this
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>> welcome back to this special edition of hafnlt we continue with frank luntz and his focus group. one of the biggest issues to take place this year was the occupy wall street movement, which started out in new york and moved around the country. let's show you video. >> i am here because our democracy has really turned into capitalism. >> this needed to happen -- the world's going straight to hell in a hand basket. >> this is the beginning of what is hopefully a growing movement. >> there are many different views here. >> it's about believing and loving. >> i was born to be here, right now. the founding fathers have been passing down the torch to this generation to make our country great again. >> if you elect a candidate, is
2:23 am
there a name that you could give us? >> yeah, mao tse tung. >> frank: how many of you support the protesters themselves? the protesters? one, two, three, four of you -- five of you. how many support the ideas behind it? the 1% versus 99%, raise your hands? a few more people. isn't this class warfare? isn't this division? >> these people are angry that theys have lost everything due o no fault of their own, that the bankers and the government have allowed-- >> reporter: these people never had anything. they are a bunch of freaks. >> yes, they are. >> they can't fine a job -- >> woe me is. it's always somebody else's fault. how about you take whatever job is available, even flipping burgers? >> sean: that was my life
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starting out. construction, restaurants. washing dishes, tending bar, waiting taicialtion banging nails. that was my start. i have one question here. when -- my grandparents came here poor. they didn't have anything. i stand on their shoulders. i stand on my father's shoulders. he grew up poor. their job was better, work hard for your kids and your grandkids. whatever happen to the idea that you don't have equal results, but have you equal opportunity which is what i think our founders wanted for everybody. are we going to an entitlement society? >> i don't agree with that. but i think that the rules of the game have changed. i am one of five children. my older brothers and sisters did flip burgers in high school. now those jobs go to people who have just entered into the country. employers want to give those jobs to people who near such desperate straits they don't have to pay them a decent living.
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you can't get a job because those jobs are filled with people who just got here yesterday, themselves. >> frank: when did it change to see a guy driving by in a mercedes and look at that guy, he made manage of himself, you should aspire to be like him. now it's like, looking at the guy in the mercedes, he's probably a corrupt jerk. >> personal responsibility, going out and getting a job and doing whatever you need to do to get further in your life. >> we got out of college and there were jobs. these kids are getting out of school, they're in debt and they have -- >> there was no jobs. >> there were job when is we got out of school. but we had to work, every summer from the time i was 14. >> sean: but this movement really disturbed me for a lot of reasons. there was drug use. there was, i think, i have chronicled anti-semitism there. sex in public, masturbation in public. drug use, anti-american slogans,
2:26 am
anti-capitalist slogans. you know, that as an american, i believe in your right to say anything you you want, but i am thinking, that's not the way i was brought up by my parents who said look in the mirror. do you see the difference? go ahead. >> in the occupy wall street movement, to discredit them. i think the mistake is, instead of protesting what is going on in wall street, they should be protesting in washington because the government allows this. >> sean: very well said. >> i think for me, my concern about occupy wall street is that they have really didn't have a mission statement. there was nothing with the set of this is why we are here and this is what we want. i think that's the disconnect. >> i think it's insulting when they compare themselves to the tea party, which is the most organized movement there was. there was not a piece of paper when they left. there were no arrests. they had a mission. they try to affiliate themselves with the tea party and i think that's disgraceful.
2:27 am
>> frank: did you come in contact at all with the occupy wall street people? >> i havine a bunch. >> frank: did you react to them? >> i was turned off from what i saw. it was hijacked by a lot of socialists and hippies and people that were there to cause problems, not find solutions. >> frank: you are 21 years old, the youngest person here, you don't look like an occupy wall street person. >> no. i have debt -- i graduated from nyu. i have derkts okay? i really believe that everything i have is a blessing or i worked -- i worked really hard to get what i have. for them to think that by camping on a park illegally, if that's somehow they're entitled to something, no! i have to work and pay back my loans and i am going to work hard. that's what america is about, rugged individualism. that's what we need. >> the fact is, over the years, politicians have different
2:28 am
parties always disagree, but the president specifically realizing his policies have failed, he has to look for something to blame. so this movement, you know, blossold, 50 here on wall street and all over the country, so now there is class warfare, so when you go to the polls, you are blaming the wealthy, the rich, wall street. >> capitalism versus economic freedom. which do you ever a more favorable opinion of? capitalism or economic freedom? who says capitalism? who says economic freedom. >> they're the same! >> frank: no. >> sean: he likes to do the word thing. >> frank: but there is a difference. >> sean: you all live in new york, everybody? okay. new jersey. i wouldn't admit that. but here's -- in new york and new jersey, new jersey lost billions of dollars, about $70 billion in wealth because people pay too much in taxes. in new york, if you work hard and you know how expensive it is
2:29 am
to live here, the average new yorker state, local, federal, county taxes, if you live on long island, over half of your income goes to the government in some way, shape, matter or form. how many of you think that's too much? everybody. what should the percentage be when we say government gets enough? give me the numbers. 20, 30, 40. yes, ma'am? >> 30% total. >> sean: who is higher than 30? >> i think it should be what's necessary, after we break down the government. >> sean: what if it's 90%? >> it should be 10% for the federal. >> sean: $17 trillion in debt, our kids will work their entire lives. >> a separate part of the tax. but if the government was a proper size-- this gentleman. >> flat tax, no deductions and live within your budget. >> sean: that's what every family i know does. we will take a break and come back and have more with frank luntz and his focus group on this year-end edition of
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"hannity." but first, we look back at the antics of one of the most unusual characters of the past year. >> i'm on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. it's not available. if you try it once, you will die. your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body. >> winning! >> incredible denial of really deep suffering. you can't avoid it forever, not with girl, not with drug, not with gambling, not with fame. >> winning! >> sean: using that quantity of drugs that he said he used, he's on a path to dying. he has fiveid kids. >> i'm tired of pretending like i'm not special and i'm a total freaking rock tar from mars. people can't figure me out, they can't process type 2 diabetes. you are a mother. a friend.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," arguably one of the biggest stories of the year was this announcement.
2:34 am
>> tonight, kireport to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. >> sean: we continue with frank luntz and his focus group. all right. i want to ask my question first and then i will hand it to you. this is too important to me. first of all, i give president obama credit, it was a guts i decision and i give our military credit. these guys are amazing. but i argued that if it were not for the bush policies that obama opposeed this wouldn't have happened. how many of you agree with me on that? >> frank: you're a republican, but you give obama credit. >> mostly i give credit to our intelligence community and to the military. yes, he did make the call. >> frank: go ahead? >> he made the call. the navy seal team did
2:35 am
everything. but we have to give credit to president bush for taking us to fight the war. >> frank: why are people, republicans seem unwilling and you won't like this question, republicans seem unwilling to give obama credit for anything? >> sean: i'm a conservative. i gave him credit. >> all he had to do was say "yes" or "no." what's he going to do, say no? >> he was right under our nose for so long. it seems almost by accident they found the guy. >> i think that he has a pattern of lies, in my opinion. when they said they were there for 45 minutes, i just thought that was the most ludicrous thing i had ever heard. i think, if you know anything about the military there, they're in and out in 5 minutes -- or 3 minutes. >> sean: president obama opposed enhabessed interrogation, said he would close gitmo, he was against rendition -- where all the intelligence, even his own
2:36 am
defense secretary admitted came from that gave them the location of osama bin laden, we would not have been able to even consider that but for president bush. yes, sir? >> could he have killed the operation? if he could have and went throught with tyou have to give him credit for it. >> sean: but they -- >> you are talking about obama. you have to acknowledge. >> sean: gold star. >> i don't understand where at this point we dolled this -- if you look back 10 years ago and said that the president after bush would kill osama bin laden, i don't think anybody would have cared. if reagan or carter or anything, where someone was executed, it is so partisan that we are getting down this road. back then, we wouldn't have done that and given credit-- you know why it's important? because if he was wrong on the intelligence gathering that led to the decision that he was able to make, if we want big victories like that, we have to double down on what worked and he won't acknowledge that those
2:37 am
things worked, in my mind. >> he's doing that again, just today, taking credit for the ending the war in iraq. but he opposed-- great point. >> now he's taking -- he's there at the end and he gets the benefit of what happened. >> sean: very well put. >> this put it puts us out further. >> frank: are you safer than you were 3 years ago? safer? liss safe now? it's this level of anxiety that is driving americans nuts. what will are you afraid of? >> my future, social security, my mother's health care. everything. it is not the terrorist, or if it's not terrorism, it is going to be something else. i am more afraid of poverty than terrorism. >> frank: what are you afraid of? >> i don't trust the president. >> i don't trust him. >> reporter: wlar you afraid of? >> he's taking us down a road that i could never have imagined. >> this is a rigged scenario.
2:38 am
this economic chaos was created by the united states congress. you don't lend people mon whoa can't pay it back. also, killing osama bin laden -- was to keep obama up in the ratings. his ratings were down the toilet. wake up. >> sean: you are 21. sorry. >> you are making a good point, though. >> i want to say, on foreign policy, we have a chopper left in pakistan, and we have a drone in iran. so how can anyone feel safer when two top-secret military technologies are left in foreign countries that want to discus destroy us. how does that make us safer? >> but he says, oh, please, please, give it back. please, give it back. i mean, how kitrust this man? >> sean: that's a great point. >> he said pretty please with sugar on top. >> because some people are concerned about foreign policy, some are concerned about economics, jobs, but everybody's got something that makes them afraid. and it's scary times. >> that's the challenge for 2012 for obam amount of here's the
2:39 am
things. ronald reagan asked the question when he was running against jimmy carter. how many of you think you are better off than when you were before obamma was electd? wow. how many of you think we can afford the spending of obama? if high -- if he continues? how many of you think a good bumper sticker might be: you want four more years of this? wow. that's very telling. >> frank: particularly when he had it in the question. >> sean: exactly. we will come back. we have had a year of heated debates in washington. we will take a look back at what congress and the white house has been up to. but first, this year, america paused to remember the 10th anniversary of the day that our country changed forever. 9/11. [singing star spangled banner] .
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>> showing the strength and the dg>รบรบ
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>> sean: welcome back. we continue now with frank luntz and his focus group with reaction to a lot of events in 2011. now scandal is a word that a lot of people came to know in 2011. i assume we will hear a lot about it in 2012. one of the big scandals, fast & furious. >> mr. attorney general, the blame must go to your desk. vitreated this, attorney general, as a hostile witness because ultimately when he says he will clean house, no house has been cleaned.
2:44 am
>> would you agree this operation has been reckless? is it a reckless operation on the part of the united states? >> i think the way it was carried out, i would certainly say it was flawed. reckless -- yeah, probably. >> more people are going to die, probably? >> unfortunately, i think that's probably true. >> have you routinely argued that you have been oblivious and disengagedin this operation. and i buy that. >> the notion that i am somehow oblivious thto this matter is totally belied by these inconvenient things called facts. >> very contentious and a significant issue because american lives were lost. is this a political scandal or is this real? >> this is a real scandal. holder has to go. >> frank: you would fire him? >> why is it real? >> because people's lives were lost because we shouldn't be doing operations like this. >> frank: is it real or -- >> it's real, but the bigger problem is the failed policy but it's'she coverup with this and
2:45 am
solyndra, the president said he was going to be a drent kind of president and obviously, that's not come to fruition. >> it is real, it is unprecedented to send weapons to another country to see where they end up. >> sean: can i ask -- why didn't they put gps on them? right. that seems so simple. >> frank: how many of you would fire eric holder over this? raise your hands? no, you are not. how many of you voted for barack obama and you would fire eric holder? tell me why? >> as was said before, lives were lost and there has to be accountability. wherate accountability. >> frank: you would tell him to fire him? >> it come fwoox integrity. have you to back up your words. you have to say what you mean and mean what you say. you know, it is not good enough. promises, idol promises. people were lost. you can't have it both ways. >> and he also lied about t. he had to be caught. this was suppose the to be the
2:46 am
most transparent administration. >> it is not transparency, please. the reality is that government is corrupt. unfortunately. the reality is, it's changed. it is not 20 years ago. it is not the jfk time. it is not about personal responsibility. it is not saying what would you want for your country. >> but there is a total double standard. it's both o'clock and it is a scandal. holder should be fired. but wherate outrage for the democrats? if a republican did this, i can't imagine what it would be like. >> frank: aren't you outrage in the corner? aren't you outraged that an american life was lost? >> i'm outrammed by a lot of behavior. but unless we the people make changes, there is not going to be any changes. everybody's self partisan and goes to their corner and nothing gets done because you are peinallized for reaching across the aisle. >> frank: this time, answer my question. aren't you outraged by eric
2:47 am
holder's behavior? >> i was outraged by the one before that and the one before that and the iran contra scandal. every administration does things they shouldn't do. >> sean: should eric holder be fire snitched probably. but so should the one before him and before him and before him. we should hold out all of our politicians accountable. >> frank: your reaction. >> i think he has to be fired. i don't think it's acceptable. >> sean: we don't have a lot of time left. all -- here we are, the country's struggling economically and we keep hearing blet's see, cronies of president obama, bundlers that bundled a lot of money and donated it to him in 2008, they got access on the white house, solyndra, sunpower. we have discovered literally billions of dollars in the green energy companies go to cronies of the president. what is your reaction to that?
2:48 am
>> it seeps like when they got in office, they were like the first year in college and got the credit card and decide toado to take my friends out for a couple of drinks and they made really bad decisions and we are stuck holding the bill. >> sean: ruth's chris. >> barack obama has a 44% job approval rating and that's why the majority of americans are looking to vote for somebody else. whether they do or not is the next question? you have been great. we have a lot more with frank scplunts his focus group of -- frank luntz and his focus group. first, who could forget this? >> i wanted to go -- why?! >> there is something on his birth certificate. >> we provided additional information today about the site of my birth. viwatched with... bemusement. i have been puzzled as to the degree to which this thing just
2:49 am
kept on going. >> today, i am very proud of myself because i have accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. i was just informed while on the helicopter that our president has finally released a birth
2:50 am
2:51 am
2:52 am
>> sean: we turn to frank luntz and our focus group to look to the 2012 election. >> frank: here we go. i want you to shout out to the american people so everybody can hear you. who do you want to be the next president of the united states? okay. let's try it again. one, two, three... okay.
2:53 am
shout louder. >> sean: you are the loudest and you are in the front row. >> frank: why do you want romney? >> i think he's done a lot, but the media doesn't want him. i think gingrich has a lot of baggage and if you go over his 24 books,ul have a lot of ammunition. i think that mitt romney has accomplished a lot. he hasn't been in government as long. he has run for office a lot. >> frank: one more romney. why? >> he has the best chance to beat obama. period. >> sean: how many are romney, show of hands. >> frank: how many. how many are gingrich? okay. both of you. why gingrich? >> right now today, he is saying everything that i want to hear from running for president. he had me when he said he was going to make john bolton the secretary of state. >> frank: why gingrich? >> i think he has conservative principles and ideas. and to see him go against obama in a debate -- it would be
2:54 am
amazing. it would be amazing. >> frank: who wants barack obama re-electd? why obama? >> because when i look at the republicans running, i don't see anybody that speaks to me. gingrich scares me when he talks about poor children working in their schools as janitors. he's just putting down all the poor people in this country-- hey. i was washing dishes at 12. when did that become a bad thing? listen. is that any different from being a janitor? >> it's a work ethic. >> sean: they didn't have a dish washing machine. >> very few people in this country who are poor are lazy, they work every day and unfortunately, the economy's very bad. there is a way he could have been more constructive. i think the way he said it was inflammatory, derogatory and offensive. >> i agree with what you said. but going back on a notion and i agree with the way you were brought up because it was the way that i was brought up. half of everyone that is talk
2:55 am
about this immigrants that have taken their gorks they don't want those jobs. be on one saturday of the fence. it is not, oh, well, i don't want to flip that burgener mcdonald's, but i'm going to complain that the guy from mexico is flipping the burgers and use that as an excuse constantly that that's why i didn't get the job that i wasn't going to do anyway. >> frank: when about my obama people who voted for obama in 2008 and you are voting republican in 2012? there are a few of you. >> that could be the scenario for me. i am a republican who voted for obama. >> frank: i'm going to ask you a very tough question. i want to do this in a way that i don't get slammed. obama got 97% of the african-american vote. and you are prepared to vote against him. >> yeah. as i said, don't label me as a
2:56 am
republican, democrat, independent. i am going to be labeled as the guy who chose the best candidate, whether he was pink, chinese, purple, jewish, it doesn't make a difference to me. >> frank: are you going to tell your friends, your family, who are african-american, that you are going to vote i. i will tell anyone. i'm brutally honest. what are they going to do to me. >> frank: you are one of the youngest people here. two-thirds of those under age 30 voted for barack obama. now you are thinking you made a mistake. >> i got swept up in the hype on the college campus. at the time, it had nothing to do with the sarah palin. that was my big turnoff in the 2008 election. now that she is not around -- there are not that many great candidates as a republican that i am excited and energized to vote for. and there could be a problem down the road where they are going to nominate somebody that i am not excited for and i may not vote at all or for obama. >> you abandoned 2008, do they
2:57 am
deserve your vote in 2012? >> only because the alternative is so bleak. we can't keep going down this road. i would love to have christie in there? >> frank: wait, wait. >> sean: if chris christie were the republican nominee, who would vote for chris christie. >> no! this is a big deal-- we have to have one -- i like chris christie. but this is new york and new jersey. so it's regional, a little bit. but i liked when he said, what the hell do we pay you for? i like his outspoken. >> it's refreshing to have a guy who says what he means and mean what is he says. we don't get that. >> sean: you would vote for him? >> absolutely not. i think chris christie is one of the individuals in our state that is beyond partisan. if you look at what he has done to former governor-elect cody, it is horrible. if you want to talk about partisanship, sean, look at what
2:58 am
he does on a daily basis. you don't like him-- >> reporter: he's a great governor. are you part of the union? >> listen -- >> maybe that's why you don't like your pension benefits being reduced. he's a fantastic governor. if he had a chance to run for president, i think he would be superb. >> frank: any other candidate it's. >> >> sean: the guy who is we have a choice. >> santorum people? michele bachmann people? you like michele bachmann? >> yes. >> sean: who else? huntsman, anybody? you really think it's newt/romney? >> and anywhere here not going to vote in 2012? we got two potential non-voters. >> sean: i am glad you are not voting. just teasing. >> i have something special for you. how many of you would like marco rubio as a vice-president. >> frank: you don't have to do that. you brought the american
2:59 am
people -- to america. now i want to bring america to you. if you can steve handily, who has done all the artwork, check this out. what do you think? >> i decided the best thing i could give you... [applause] >> your artwork has been amazing. have you seen the focus groups, he's george washington and jefferson and all of our founders and framers and really, that's beautiful. >> well, thanks. >> it makes me look so much better than i do in real life. >> and lancelot. defeated in the biggest landslide. >> for 2012. >> i'm giving you the landslide defeat as your birthday president. >> sean: i'm turning 50 in a few days. i'm getting old: thank you very much.


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